Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Can I use my own domain name?

Yes of course you can infact we encourage it as this puts you 100% control of your domain and renewals.


2 - Are there any ongoing costs?

The only ongoing costs are your hosting and domain renewal which are priced at just £55 per year

You have the option to purchase support and additional SEO services but these are not mandatory.


3 - How much is support?

With every new website you get 2 months free support but after that our support charge is  £20 per half an hour and £35 per full hour.
Most issues are delt with in 45 minutes or under.


4 - Can I add additional features to my website?

Of course! all you have to do is have a discussion with us and we will work out a mutually agreeable price.


5 - Are there any discounts?

Unfortunatly not, we already are priced extreamly competitively and offer a top class service which we feel is great value for money.
If you purchase more than one taxi website there maybe some room for negotiation.


6 - Do you have an office we can visit?

Unfortunatly not, In order to offer our affordable Taxi Web Development service we try to keep the overheads as low as possible. We may look at getting an office in future but for the moment this is not an option.


7 - Can we see a demo?

Of course, pop us an email and we will happily arrange a viewing of one of our live websites for you.